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Ultra HD : Highly Recommended
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Release Date: August 8th, 2023 Movie Release Year: 2023

Fast X - 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

Overview -

Fast X is the start of what is to be the big grand finale of the franchise (over the next few films). The number of flawless action sequences, comical one-liners, impressive fight choreography, and family are second to none here. This film continuously pumps out high-octane entertainment with one hell of a performance from Jason Momoa upstaging the show. The 4K image with Dolby Vision and the Dolby Atmos audio mix are both demo-worthy and excellent. The extras are all worth watching too. Highly Recommended!


Ever since their saga started on the streets of L.A.'s underground racing scene, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have overcome impossible odds to outsmart, out-nerve and outdrive every foe. Yet when the team took down a nefarious kingpin back in Brazil, they had no idea his son Dante (Jason Momoa) was watching from the shadows. More lethal than any other enemy they've faced, Dante now rises as a terrifying new nemesis who's fueled by revenge and determined to shatter their family and destroy everything and everyone Dom loves. From London and Brazil to Antarctica and Rome, new alliances are forged and old enemies resurface. But everything changes after Dom discovers his 8-year-old son is Dante's ultimate target.

Highly Recommended
Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Technical Specs:
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray + Digital
Video Resolution/Codec:
Dolby Vision HDR / HDR10
Aspect Ratio(s):
Audio Formats:
English: DTS:X
English SDH, French, Spanish
Release Date:
August 8th, 2023

Storyline: Our Reviewer's Take


X Marks the spot for the tenth installment in the family-action vehicle - Fast and Furious, this time titled Fast X, as the entire cast and crew fasten their belts for the beginning of the end in this current state of affairs. While this may be the start of the epic finale that Vin Diesel wants to tell, these films make way too much money to call it quits any time soon - even if this one was a bumpy road at the box office. Also, each film seems to allow even more Hollywood A-List actors who look like they're having a blast. Fast X never steps outside of its formulaic action wheelhouse, but it still manages to explore some of the finest practical stunt work, action sequences, and over-the-top villains that cinema offers. This all translates to embracing the absurd, destroying any logic while keeping its roots layered in family love. 

Those first few outings in the Fast and Furious universe showcased a few people who raced cars and committed crimes for a living. Their loyalty to family and others made them the celebrated anti-heroes they are known for today. But it was a simpler time with simple narratives at play. Then along came Fast Five where the stakes grew bigger and Vin Diesel and the creative forces realized what type of movie they actually were making - a big, dumb, fun ride with some funny dialogue and some wacky characters. Since that fifth installment, it's as if the franchise has taken on a life of its own that is constantly trying to one-up the previous release, whether it be cars jumping buildings, surfing a missile from the sky and landing safely on the ground, taking out a submarine with a few off-road trucks, or even floating in space inside a Toyota to save the world. 

The franchise in one shot...  

That's what these films have become and they are an absolute blast as each film figures out a way to bring someone or something up from the past that the crew must stop before the world ends. These are no longer a band of criminals, but rather more like globetrotting freelance secret agents that get away with all sorts of vehicular mayhem and carnage. This time around, Dom Toretto (Groot) and his crew completed a mission in Brazil that ended the life of a nefarious kingpin. Little did anyone know at the time, but this kingpin's young son Dante was watching the carnage. That grief consumed him into a giant fury (and furry) ball of rage and vengeance that morphed into Jason Momoa who is now out to destroy Toretto and his entire family. And if anyone knows anything in life - it's if anyone looks sideways at Torreto's family, they're already six feet under without knowing it. 

What used to be set on the grounded streets of Los Angeles has blossomed into a whirlwind of travel around the globe to exotic locales like Antarctica, Rome, London, and of course, Brazil. These Fast and Furious films coast to the finish line by embracing the absurdity of the action and the narrative which seems to never make a lick of sense, while at the same time making the most sense out of any film - protect thy family. And in this tenth installment, the foundation for its decades-long story will come to rest in maybe two or three (or more) films. The performances sans Vin Diesel are all wonderfully brilliant with a splash of cartoony wit that keeps the pace up and running. But here, Jason Momoa's Dante understands his position and gives a flawless performance as Batman's nemesis known as The Joker. While he doesn't don the makeup, green hair, or wicked smile, Dante earns his credence from that iconic character where Momoa plays him to perfection. 

He's just so happy to be here!  

Fast X is a non-stop thrill ride full of absurdity that throws all logic out the window. It's as if the Mission: Impossible movies were made by teenagers with better pop music sense and a love for pro wrestling and one-liners. These are super-fun films and Fast X is no different, even if it wants to tell its final tale over the course of 167 films. Count this trusted critic all in with this family. 


Vital Disc Stats: The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
Fast X drives its way to 4K + Blu-ray + Digital Code via Universal. The two discs are housed inside a hard, black plastic case with a cardboard sleeve. The artwork features every main character and villain from the movie with Fast X in the middle. There is an insert for a digital code as well. The 4K disc is painted with the logo and the street race from the film while the Blu-ray disc has the standard blue and silver title of the film only. Maybe one day, the major studios will once again release booklets that coincide with their releases again. 

Video Review


"Are you not Vin-tertained!?!"

Fast X comes with a 2160p UHD 4K transfer with Dolby Vision that looks incredible.

The color palette is beautiful from location to location. Natural elements inside Los Angeles look picture-perfect with green trees and primary colors on the houses, backyards, and more. The more exotic locales are dynamic with colors that pop brightly across the spectrum. The Dolby Vision enhances the more nuanced colors, especially in the lower-lit sequences. Vehicle shades, colors of white wardrobe, and background colors look fantastic here. The black levels are inky and rich with no signs of crush or murky shadows. The skin tones are wonderfully natural as well. 

The detail is very sharp and vivid throughout. Closeups reveal amazing facial pores, individual hairs on the actor's faces, beads of sweat and blood droplets, textures in the metal cars, guns, and clothing, along with superior detail in background objects and props. The extensive CGI work never goes soft or pixelated when explosions or gun blasts fire off. This entire image looks phenomenal and is the way a 4K presentation should be shown today. There are no issues with banding, aliasing, or heavy video noise. This is a demo-worthy picture. 

Audio Review


The latest Oscar-winner to join the franchise... 

This release has a killer Dolby Atmos audio track that kicks everything into high gear. For those that have a new system they want to show off, please demo this audio track.

The sound effects are perfectly in sync with the amazing dynamic range that allows for a fully immersive soundscape. Engines revving up all have their own distinct noise that rumbles perfectly. The tires screeching, gun blasts, and multiple explosions bring that special, large oomph from each speaker where bullets smoothly transition from each speaker. The softer noises of voices in the big room bring out the echo. and reverb that is necessary. Fight choreography literally packs a punch with every marital arts move and the debris falling from the skies and into the camera sounds amazing.

The ambient noises of people walking, talking, and even computer machine noises all come through the rear speakers nicely. The music cues come in line with the franchise and keep the pace upbeat and the dialogue is always clean, clear, and easy to follow. The height speakers rain down with tons of bullets, debris from explosions, and even rain that sounds excellent. And the low end of bass has a wonderful rumble that never crosses into rocky territory. Again, this is one demo-worthy Dolby Atmos track. There are no problems with this audio mix. 

Special Features


You miss one payment... 

There are about 89 minutes of bonus features included in this release along with a Director's commentary track. These extras are fantastic and with every minute. This is a ton of fun and a great way to spend 90 minutes. 

  • Audio Commentary - Director Louis Leterrier's commentary track is an informative one that talks about making the film, shooting on location, the entire cast, and making those epic action sequences. It can be a tiny bit dry, but it's a good time.
  • This is Family (UHD 36 Mins.) - This is a good look at the entire franchise thus far and how the characters, storylines, and more have come full circle inside Fast X.
  • Fast Breaks (UHD 8 Mins.) -  The director gives a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the bigger scenes were made. 
  • Xtreme Rides (UHD 13 Mins.) - The amazing vehicles are given their spotlight here as this extra examines the ins and outs of each car featured in the movie. 
  • Belles of the Brawl (UHD 8 Mins.) - The warrior women of the movie talk about their training, and kicking ass on screen. 
  • Tuned Into Rio (UHD 5 Mins.) - The big race sequence in the film is detailed through its production and just what effects were added to make it look perfect. 
  • Jason Momoa (UHD 3 Mins.) - This should have been an hour long where the actor Jason Momoa talks about his character and how others react to his on-screen persona. It's amazing. 
  • Little B Takes The Wheel (UHD 3 Mins.) - The family storyline is explored when the young character and John Cena have some scenes together. 
  • A Friend in the End (UHD 2 Mins.) - A big cameo shows back up at the end of the movie, and here is a short behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together. 
  • Blooper Reel (UHD 5 Mins.) - A great collection of missed spots, flubbed lines, dancing, laughter, and more on set. 
  • Music Videos (UHD 6 Mins.) - Two music videos from the movie are included here. 

He saved the franchise once... he can do it again. 

Fast X keeps the action, thrills, comedy, and absurdity coming at a high-octane pace with the grounded reality of family at this core. This is a great way to start the finale trilogy of this franchise. The Dolby Vision 4K transfer looks amazing and the Dolby Atmos audio track sounds fantastic. This is a demo-worthy disc for sure. The bonus features are loaded with fun, energetic, and comical information about making the movie. Highly Recommended!

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